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About Roopkotha

Roopkotha is a Kite Bangladesh initiative to revive the Bangla Folktale both traditional and literary, with the wand of ICT. The product aims to revitalize the power of fairy tales through online radio and android app.


Roopkotha as an initiative has two core aims. One is to preserve the rich tradition of folktales from Bangladesh for posterity and another one is we want to do so by engaging children using ICT to make these traditional stories more readily accessible to them. Our vision is to revive the age-old tradition of storytelling by adapting it to modern technology.


Roopkotha will use ICT to achieve its goals. We are using multilateral multimedia avenues to diversify the service and reach a greater audience. Presently Roopkotha is using online radio platform and Android app, beyond that, we want to eventually expand into live shows and other possible programs


To revive the popularity of the folk tales from Bangladesh (including indigenous folktales). Encouraging children to continue the tradition of storytelling in our culture. To save the heritage of Bangla Culture To enrich social values and norms of own culture and heritage .

What we do!

Kite Bangladesh adheres to develop children’s cognitive domain by intervening different projects on stories particularly folk tales. Fronting the objective, Roopkotha organized “Roopkotha Story Telling Competition” an annual storytelling competition among 5000 pre-primary to primary level students of different school of Dhaka and Chittagong in association with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Bangladesh Shishu Academy.

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Winner Storytellers get the opportunity to narrate his/her story in Roopkotha Radio platform. The Roopkotha radio platform comprises with different audio stories narrated by the pre-primary to primary level students of different school of Bangladesh. These stories are accessible from anywhere through internet connection. Currently, we have around 100 stories and around 50 of them are available to listen. The android app has the short audio version of the stories for frequent easy listening over the mobile phone.

Story Telling

Early Childhood Development

Early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult. There is significant evidence that links the circumstances of adversity and habits formed in early years to the non-communicable diseases of adulthood. Kite Bangladesh focuses on the early childhood development.


Hearing a story can be an interactive event. Auditory processing is the ability to accurately process and understand spoken language. This skill is essential for comfort in a classroom and with peers, as children must be able to understand a teacher’s directions as well as communicate clearly and accurately with friends.


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